Laura Tower

Laura Tower
Web Designer


"I offer cost effective promotional websites for small businesses and individuals who are looking for a professional online presence. I enjoy working with people and helping them get their voice heard on the web. I communicate with my clients throughout the design process."

- Laura Tower


Web Design Overview


Our style of design is clear and concise without excessive graphics or special effects. Each design is original and geared toward the client’s needs.


If you have decided to work with us on your site, we will have already had several conversations about the content, organization and appearance of your site. We will setup your site based on the design we have worked up and will then add your content and navigation. After a review we will make any changes you request and then activate your site for the world to see.


We do not design ecommerce websites. (e.g. shopping carts). However, we can set up links to, PayPal, or another merchant website to do the actual selling of products. PayPal accounts are set up by the clients.


Technologies Supported


  • HTML, HTML5, CSS, and CSS3
  • Adobe Dreamweaver
  • WordPress Site Development (supports Responsive Web Design for tablets & mobile devices).

Content Management Systems and/or Blogs


We can create content management systems using WordPress with or without a blog that will match the design of your website. The content of this type of website can be updated by the client or the web designer. WordPress is a great tool for sites that require frequent content updates. It is great for news and events, or for content that you’d like your visitors to be able to leave comments about.


Brochure Websites


Brochure sites are for businesses that don’t require constantly updated website content. This type of site is useful if you do not place a great emphasis on your website for marketing but still need a web presence, but they still look great and are useful for start up businesses that just need a professional looking website. Brochure sites can also be appropriate when you do not have the resources to update the website and would prefer a website designer to handle any updates required. If you’re just looking to start small with your online presence you may just need a small static brochure site to start with.


Website Redesigns


While we don’t specialize in website redesigns, we can take a look at the website that you currently have, and offer any consulting advice about what can be done to improve the site. Redesigns are evaluated on a case by case basis before we can give you an estimated cost.


Design Process


The next step in building a website is to gather and organize your content. Think through the information you want to present to your visitors. What information is critical? What pieces of information are secondary? When you are starting your site it is best to focus on the essential information you want to communicate to your visitors.


Submitting Images


Logos and/or company banners should be submitted with all other images for the website. You can outsource to a graphic designer, or submit a stock photo. Your content is going to be divided into text content, images, photographs and artwork, and tables of information. Great images really boost the visual appeal of your site. Think about what photos might look good on your site. Photos of your products, staff, work and location all help your visitors visually relate to your site.


Writing Your Content


We realize that not everyone is a natural writer and may not have the skills to professionally edit written content. Clear and concise communication is very important on a website, especially on a home page, which is the first thing that your visitors will see. We can outsource to a professional writer who can work with you to communicate effectively with your site visitors. Well written content is essential to search engine optimization.


Reviewing Your Website


We work closely with the client in creating their website throughout the design process. The client will be allowed to view the progress of their website through either screen shots or a link to a staging site. At this point, revisions or corrections can be made before the finished site is done.


Web Hosting


The client will need to sign up for a web hosting account since my service does not include web hosting. We currently use Hostgator for both the domain and web hosting accounts, however, if the client already has a domain they’d like to use, they can. If they have a web host associated with it, they can redelegate the domain to use for their new web hosting account.


Integrating Social Media


We will link to any social media websites that you think are appropriate to promoting your website.


Contact Information


We will install a contact form in order for your visitors to get in touch with you.


Copyright Laws


Please follow the appropriate copyright laws if you are submitting any photography or graphics to use on your website that you are not the owner of. If you are unsure, check with the owner of the images and ask if you can use them on your website. Most copyright holders will not have a problem with you using their work. You may purchase stock photos for your website if you prefer.


Search Engine Optimization


We will help you optimize your content and images with basic search engine optimization strategies as we design your website.


Submitting Your Website To The Search Engines


Your website will be submitted to Google, Bing, and Yahoo upon its completion as the final step.


WordPress Training


If you will be updating a WordPress website yourself, we can help with training. We can send you links to online videos so that you can learn at your own pace. We can also do the website updates for you if you prefer.




How will you promote your new website after it is launched?

Promoting a new website is a crucial time after it is submitted to the search engines. What good is a new website if no one knows it exists? Do you need ideas to help with the promotional phase? Whether you already have a list of clients or are starting from scratch, we can help you generate and capture leads and convert them into customers using email marketing. We can create custom templates, based on your website for consistent branding, that can be used for newsletters, and email campaigns.


We can give you a list of services to help you get the word out about your new website.


You can either use the do-it-yourself features or we can help. Whether you just need training to get started, help designing your templates and adding your data, or you want full service support, I’m able to assist.  You can sign up for a free account for 30-days to allow you to use the email marketing and contact management features.