Laura Tower

Laura Tower
Web Designer


"I offer cost effective promotional websites for small businesses and individuals who are looking for a professional online presence. I enjoy working with people and helping them get their voice heard on the web. I communicate with my clients throughout the design process."

- Laura Tower


About My Services


computerThe content provided by you is the most important part of the design process. This is where you'll state your website's goals and objectives. I will discuss with you all the information necessary to help you develop your online presence.


You can email your content to me using Word or Notepad. Upon receiving your documents, I will begin the design process of your website. During this phase, you will be allowed to view your website and make adjustments if needed.

Please provide the following as it applies:

  • A main document to represent your homepage introducing who you are, what you do, or a service that you provide, and who your target audience will be.
  • One or more documents that will link to your homepage that explain in more detail about you, your expertise, experience and testimonials.
  • Your contact information which could be an email address and/or telephone number.
  • Please provide any images or graphics.


Please follow the appropriate copyright laws if you are sending me any graphics to use for your website. If you are unsure, check with the owner of the images and ask if you can use them on your website. Most copyright holders will not have a problem with you using their work.


My websites are used for informational purposes only. I do not design e-commerce websites (e.g. shopping carts). However, I can set up links to, PayPal, or another merchant website to do the actual selling of products.


The client will need to sign up for a web hosting account since my service does not include web hosting. I am currently affiliated with HostGator for my web hosting solutions. HostGator is highly rated and it is one of the 10 biggest and best Web hosts around for 2014.